30 April 2018


Shot Taken for FashionVeda.com before the Trunk show at polo lounge on Saturday 29-April-2018. Show Director Gaurav Gaur - Models Akanksha Bhalla, Ridhima Godha, Nupur Jhankal and Mona Gautam.

29 April 2018

Astha Naayika

Sneha Chakradhar Bharatnatyam
On the occasion of "World Dance Day" Jawahar kala Kendra, Jaipur presented "Astha Naayika" a treat for Dance lovers.

Astha Naayika explores the different Avastahas (State) of a Naayika towards her Nayaka (Lover, Hero), told through the tale of eight Naayikas, showcasing eight Bhavas (emotion) of a woman in love, depending on the situation.

She is the bold one or the repentant, the annoyed or the separated, the expectant or full of pride. The visualization of myrid moods of nayika entwined in music, dance and poetry.

Performing Artists: Lipsa Satpathy Odissi, Sneha Chakradhar Bharatnatyam and Rashmi Uppal Kathak.
Lipsa Satpathy Odissi 
Rashmi Uppal Kathak

18 April 2018


Today on the Eve of World Heritage Day Bharatanatyam performance was presented by the Students of Aakechak Society at the Albert Hall, Jaipur.