No Smoking? Indian Coffee House, Jaipur.

No Smoking? Indian Coffee House, Jaipur.
This pic is reflection of action of Arvind Jodha a famous cartoonist from Jaipur, India. I took this pic at Indian Coffee House, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur. 

The Problem is that this side of Cafe was designed to be a Smoking lounge and it was like that from the beginning. Everyone was happy and no one had any problem or issues from last many years. But suddenly few days back some people came to the cafe that were “self appointed members of morality brigade” and created a scene about why are people Smoking at Smoking area and so on. . . . After the Big Scene the authority instead of protecting the rights of artists and visitors who come here from years and years, they chose the easy way and stick the sign of No Smoking and now trying to implement this rule.

Most of these Members of Morality Brigade in India are politically motivated and do this kind of stuff to get easy fame, but in their attempt to get easy fame the common people are the one who get penalized.


  1. Most immoral people become the guardians of morality!

  2. Why don't these morality brigade take the cause of prohibit smoking at no-smoking area? That would be more beneficial to society.

    1. Yes they should but that way they will not get easy and fast fame.

  3. Wow how a simple cry of complain change the concept of the place.

  4. The photograph is beautiful but the morals of the morality brigade are sickening.


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