17 June 2016

How to do Light Trails Photography?

Light Trails at Hawa Mahal, Jaipur took this Shot on 18-Dec-2012.
Camera body - Canon EOS 50D, EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS, Focal length - 23mm, Shutter Speed - 1.6 sec, Aperture - f/4.5 and ISO - 250
After my recent article about Which is the Best Camera and lens for Photography? I got lot of inquires about how to shoot Light Trails, but before I proceed I want to let you know that everything takes time, practice and patience. For example I am sharing these four photographs with you; First one of Albert Hall, Jaipur below this text, which I took in 17-Oct-2009. The second one of Hawa Mahal, Jaipur on top, which I took on 18-Dec-2012. Third one of a balloon seller at statue circle, Jaipur took on 24-March-2015 and the fourth one of Vidhan Sabha Jaipur which I took on 2-March-2016. With the help of these four Images you can easily understand that what effect time, experience, knowledge and bit of modern equipments can bring to the quality of Photograph. In 2009 there was little knowledge and Information about Light Trails even on the Google. But with the time people had shared lot of stuff, tutorials, photographs and experiments which helped lot of people to learn and here are the result of reading all that . . . :)

15 June 2016

Which is the Best Camera and lens for Photography?

Which is the Best Camera and lens for Photography.
Light trails in front of New Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha or Rajasthan Legislative Assembly which is at Janpath, Jaipur.
I was on a photo walk with one of my student, I was teaching him about night photography and how to play with lights. When we came at this place I was on the footpath and asked him to go in the middle of street and take some light trails shots and keep the Vidhan Sabha in the background. After few minutes he came back to me (I saw him reviewing the pictures on his cameras LCD screen from distance.) and said to me sir my camera and lens is not good enough to take good light trails or for good night photography. I looked at him and said ok, he was having “Canon 70D” with “Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens” both were latest.

14 June 2016

No Smoking? Indian Coffee House, Jaipur.

No Smoking? Indian Coffee House, Jaipur.
This pic is reflection of action of Arvind Jodha a famous cartoonist from Jaipur, India. I took this pic at Indian Coffee House, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur. 

The Problem is that this side of Cafe was designed to be a Smoking lounge and it was like that from the beginning. Everyone was happy and no one had any problem or issues from last many years. But suddenly few days back some people came to the cafe that were “self appointed members of morality brigade” and created a scene about why are people Smoking at Smoking area and so on. . . . After the Big Scene the authority instead of protecting the rights of artists and visitors who come here from years and years, they chose the easy way and stick the sign of No Smoking and now trying to implement this rule.

Most of these Members of Morality Brigade in India are politically motivated and do this kind of stuff to get easy fame, but in their attempt to get easy fame the common people are the one who get penalized.

13 June 2016

Fashion Show at PIE Grand Finale Jaipur.

Backstage shot of Model Sangeeta Gharu and Model Monika Karwasra
Backstage shot of Model Sangeeta Gharu and Model Monika Karwasra
On the Eve of 12th June I covered this Fashion Show which was a part of PIE grand finale Jaipur. Models were great and show was entertaining there were three sequences and it held at Maharana Pratap Auditorium of Vidya Ashram School, Jaipur. The show was Choreographed and Styled by Abhimanyu Singh Tomar a renowned name in Fashion Industry.

12 June 2016

Jaipur Weather, Shower of Relief.

Jaipur Rains Street Photography
I took this photograph yesterday evening at Tripolia bazar, Jaipur. When the sudden rain after a sandstorm took the Jaipurites by surprise. This rain brought great relief to Jaipurites from the scorching heat. The temperature dropped drastically and it was the happy time afterwards. This was not even the pre monsoon; the monsoon is estimated to hit Jaipur by 20th June 2016. It is predicted that this year there will be more than average rainfall in the region.

10 June 2016

"Sarga Suli" and an Affair - Jaipur

"Sarga Suli" and an Affair - Jaipur
I took this shot of Sarga Suli or Isar Lat, Jaipur in the background of an affair today when I was there on a photowalk with a friend.