Best Dal ki Pakodi in World.

 Best Dal ki Pakodi in World.

I present to you World’s best “Dal ki Pakodi” in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Friends I must tell you that if you like Spicy and Crispy then you will love these Dal ki Pakodi’s. I am eating these pakodi’s from last 10 years and I just love them, these are really the best Dal ki Pakodi’s in World. This Pakodi shop is more than 65years old and is located in a small street of Jaipur walled city. Reaching this place and getting these Pakodi’s is not easy task but if you love your food more than your beloved then nothing is impossible. Actually in winter evenings to get these Pakodi’s you have to go through a minimum of 30min queue. The most important thing is that these pakodi’s tastes best when they are served Hot straight from the Kadhai. So if you are thinking that you will send your Driver, Servant, Husband or Boyfriend to get these to you, then I will say it won’t work. If you really want to enjoy it you have to go yourself only. 
Shop # 46, 2nd Crossing, in front of Murli Manohar ji ka Mandir, Baba Harish Chand marg, Chandpol Bazar, Jaipur.

Winter timings are from 1pm to 9pm.
Summer timings are from 7pm to 10pm.
These Pakodis are 150Rs/-kg but you can take less also.

I will Highly Recommend these Yummy Pakodis. . .

 Queue in front of shop.
 Queue in front of shop.
This Guy is continuously working on two Kadhai simultaneously and each Kadhai take approx 30min for one round.
Making of Pakodi's.
Finally getting Yummy pakodis out of kadhai and serving to Hungry customers.
Doing the weight.
Packing and Delivering.


  1. croud outside the ship clearly speaks how yummy these pakodi are
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  2. Hello from Spain: very tasty. Nice pics.. Keep in touch

  3. Looks crunchy and delicious! :)

  4. Fabulous! Wish I could eat them :)


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