Omelette, Eggs, Egg Pizza Jaipur.

With every season cuisine in Jaipur Changes, So for Winters it’s Egg Time. Although there are other cuisines also but in this post we will talk about Tasty dishes prepared from Egg in Jaipur like Massala Omelette, Boiled Eggs, Plain Omelet with Bread and Most Important EGG PIZZA by Sanjay Omelette, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur.

Jaipur is a Place of Extreme Temperatures in summers it goes around 52°C and in Winters it touches 0° that is the reason why eggs are not that famous in summers. In winters you can find many Omelette Handcart’s (Barrow, Pushcart, Thela, Cart) all around the city selling freshly made Hot and yummy Omellets, Boiled eggs and other egg dishes. Eggs are one of the very famous street food in winter time in Jaipur but just keep in mind few tips before you go and order. 
1 Go to the one’s who are Crowded.
2 Most of them will give you the Option to prepare your Omelette in Oil or Butter, Go for Butter cause we don’t know what kind of Oil he will use but in Jaipur they generally have butter of Saras or Amul and both of them are good.
3 When you order Boiled Eggs ask is he going to fry them to make hot or are they already Hot know this before you order.
Omelette Handcarts would look Something like this and you can find them at most places in Jaipur.

Ok now let’s talk about two of my favorite places in Jaipur to have Eggs. First of all we will talk about “Sanjay Omelette”, Janta store, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur. It is a Drive in kind of place you can order from your car and you will get your food in car. I am going at this place from last 18 years and it’s kind of same since then not many changes, although Sanjay Sharma who is the Owner and the main Cook of this place had also opened nice a Resturant just above this outlet recently. Sanjay Sharma is running Sanjay Omelette from last 30 years, he was also one of the participant of Masterchef India for the recipe of his Omelette. The two of the most famous Dishes they have are Masala Omelette and Egg Pizza, the Recipe and spices used are Secret. I would say that if you are in Jaipur and want to have something in Egg then this is the best and topmost place to go and if you had not tried Egg Pizza before then try it there its just awesome. Timing of Sanjay Omelet is from approx 12 in noon to 11 in night and they are open all seven days. I would Say “Sanjay Omelette” is World Famous in Jaipur only HIGLY RECOMMENDED.

Sanjay Sharma Cooking Masala Omelette for me. . . . :) Yummy. . . . :)

Sanjay Omelette the Shop still looks the Same.

Masala Omelette in Process.

Masala Omelet Served with Bread, Tomato Sauce, Mint Sauce and Vinegar Onions..

Egg Pizza in Process.

Yummy Egg Pizza served with Tomato Sauce, Mint Sauce and Vinegar Onions.

His name is Gopal and he is also Cooking here from 18 years.

Price List of  Some of his Delicacies.
Now Lets talk about BHAU Omelette who has his Handcart at Jhotwara Road near T.B. hospital Crossing, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur. Ishwar Das Mordani known as Bhau, Cooks and Serve from his Handcart at this place from last 27 years and I am eating at this place from last 17 years. He is also very famous in Jaipur and specially in Shastri nagar, Bani Park and Vidyadhar Nagar area. The main USP of Bhau’s food is that its Hygienic, Taste is Good and he uses Good Quality Ingredients. Bhau is famous for his Omelettes and “Tana Tan” word Used for Boiled Eggs. You can get (Tana Tan) Boiled Eggs at most of the times at this place. Timings are from 1 in the noon to 11 in the Night or till stock lasts. If you are near this place then surely you can give it a try.
Ishwar Das Mordani known as Bhau.

You will Always find his Cart Crowded.

Omelette in Progress.

Famously Known as Yummy "Tana Tan" or you can say Boiled Eggs with Salt, Pepper and Chopped Onions.
By Manav Singhi


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