Bhutta Time. . .

Bhutta Time. . . As Monsoon comes so are the Bhutta (Corn) Carts. At the monsoon time you will see many Bhutta (Corn) Carts all around the Jaipur City, actually you will see them at most parts of North India.

There is a difference between American Corn and Indian Corn, the size of Indian Corn is smaller in comparison to American Corn. The process of Preparation is also different American Corns are Boiled but We enjoy Indian Corn Grilled and we call them Bhutta.
Selecting Bhutta and Monitoring the Grilling Process. 
At Monsoon time you will see many roadside carts selling Bhutta (Corn), they sell grilled Bhuttas and to spice it bit they lightly paste the mixture of Salt, Red Chille and Lemon on it. You can select your own Bhutta according to your taste the more Unripe it is the sweeter and soft it is. The Unripe one have whitish and soft corns covered in Fresh Green colour leafs, The Riped ones have Yellow Hard Corns and are covered with Creamish leafs and they are bit hard to chew. So after you select your Bhutta (Corn) you give it to vendor to prepare it for you, they will grill it for you, you can also decide like how much Grilled you want, and do you want your Bhutta with Spice Paste or not. . . These Bhutta (Corn) costs from 10 to 20 Rs.  These Bhutta (Corn) are Highly Recommended.
After all this all you have to do is Enjoy your Bhutta (Corn) . . .

By Manav Singhi


  1. looks soooooo delicious! I usually eat it boiled, I never tried it grilled ;)


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    1. Maria They are Yummy, you should try it in India at Monsoon Time you will love them.

    2. India is really amazing and beautiful, but the problem is that it is too far from Portugal ;D
      Unfortunately I feel really bad with high temperatures or tropical weather, I just feel good in cold weather....maybe I have Eskimo DNA...hahaha ;D
      Anyway, I love to see India photos, and I have some friends from Goa, Daman, and Diu (they were Portuguese territory) my friends are always traveling to and fro, and showing me a lot of photos from there :)


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  2. wow...we love bhutta a sons loved it too..
    r u from jaipur dear..

    my recent one :


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