Heineken Jaipur

Hi Friends So Summers are here and so is “Heineken”.  So what happened on Sunday doesn’t matter what matters is that “Heineken” is now in Jaipur. Yes yes I know it was launched in Jaipur in January but as you all know about the Work Pressure, I had it in my hands yesterday only.

So Lets Talk about “Heineken”. Right now Only “Heineken Pint” is available in Jaipur and the Print Price is 109rs but every Guy Knows that he have to pay 110rs at Local Wine Shops to get it. The Bottling and Manufacturing of “Heineken” is done in Maharashtra for India.

As we all know Its best Served Chilled and so were Our “Heinekens”. With the First Sip you can feel the Difference its very light just like Water with no Glycerine in it. To me Taste was ok not so great, but No Glycerine factor was good enough for me. Even after 8 Pints we had the nice feeling, Not like those Indian Beers which will give you the feeling of Heavy Stomach. After all this we had our Indian Food at Sharma Dhaba and now the final Verdict has to be decided next Morning. I woke up at my normal time And Its Magic No HangOver No Headache. So in Jaipur I will say “Heineken” is a nice Option although its expensive but its Glycerine free, My Fav Corona is also available in Jaipur from long time but its more expensive and are not found easily.
So “Heineken” it is . . . . Cheers. . . :)

By Manav Singhi

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