22 April 2013

Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan.

Sunrise at Sambhar Lake.
Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan, India’s largest saline water body, would soon be developed as a new tourist destination.
Recently, Hindustan Salt Limited (HSL), a public sector company, has signed a MoU with the Indian Tourist Development Corporation (ITDC) to develop this lake as tourist hotspot to create a new golden triangle — Jaipur-Sambhar-Ajmer.

17 April 2013

Jaipur International Photography Exhibition 2013

Jaipur International Photography Exhibition 2013
Today I just went to see this Exhibition and Rubbish is all I have to say about this Exhibition. There was nothing International about it. There were very few good Photographs in this Exhibition but they were also very very badly printed.

14 April to 17 April 2013
At Chaturdik Art Gallery , Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur

04 April 2013

Sheetla Ashtami Festival

Main Entrance for Sheetla Mata Fair.
Rajasthan is Colorful and so are its Fairs and Festivals. There are many Different kind of fairs and Festivals being celebrated in Rajasthan and One of them is “Sheetla Ashtami Festival” which is also known as “Baseda”. Although its Celebrated all across the Rajasthan but its best Celebrated at Chaksu a small Town near Jaipur, Aprox 35 Km from Jaipur. There is a big temple of Sheetla Mata near Chaksu and at this Festival Time this temple gets surrounded by many kind of different Street stalls, Entertainment booths and Traders. You can shop many handmade things here and even Some Cattles if you like. Thousands of Villagers from nearby villages come here to Worship and Celebrate this Festival. Sheetla Ashtami is Celebrated during the Spring time After 7 Days of Holi. Next year date of this festival is 24th March 2014

01 April 2013

Heineken Jaipur

Hi Friends So Summers are here and so is “Heineken”.  So what happened on Sunday doesn’t matter what matters is that “Heineken” is now in Jaipur. Yes yes I know it was launched in Jaipur in January but as you all know about the Work Pressure, I had it in my hands yesterday only.