Nahargarh Biological Park

Today “Jaipur Photography Club” has planned a photo walk to “Nahargarh Biological Park” or “Nahargarh Rescue Center”.

So the plan was to assemble in front of “Jal Mahal” at 5:30am and from there proceed to “Nahargarh Biological Park”. We all met there and all the early birds enjoyed the “Tea” and took some shots of “Jal Mahal”.

From there we straight away headed towards the park, “Nahargarh Biological Park” is located on the Jaipur-Delhi highway Around 23km from Jaipur, Located along the Aravalli Hills.
The Park was closed for years, as it was a designated as a Rescue Centre but now its fulfilling the objectives of Park and Rescue centre both.
There are three ways by which you can enjoy this park by Trekking, Or by Elephant Safari, or by Car.
Nahargarh Biological Park is spread in area and its promoting eco-tourism. Park offers a unique opportunity for visitors to appreciate and enjoy nature in a very thrilling and entertaining manner. The Area is best representative of three eco-systems i.e. Aravalli Eco-system, Wet land Eco-system, and Desert Eco-system. That means you can enjoy the flora & fauna of all three Eco-system at one place.
In Nahargarh Biological Park one can view the beautiful line of birds. In winter season the park is visited by hundreds of migratory water birds. The resident birds of the park are also worth the Trip.
Image courtesy Anudeep Mathur. . . Thanks. . . :)
There are more than 25 lion's and Tiger's which are rescued and now in the rescue centre, all of them were captive and were treated badly. Govt of Rajasthan has taken the initiative and given them a healthier environment. Most of them are very old but the workers are taking good care of them.
Image courtesy Hitesh Adwani. . . Thanks. . . :)

There are few very old historical monuments also in the park.

“ShikarGah” (a place to stay and wait for your pray to hunt) which was used by the Kings in old times.
Bhuteshwar Mahadev Temple (Temple of Shiva) is a very old temple and is still in service.

Majhi Ki Bawdi (Stepwell) is a very old Stepwell right now its in a bad condition.

So that is all about “Nahargarh Biological Park”.

I would Suggest the best time to visit this place is in the Monsoons or in the Winter Mornings, so that you can enjoy the Trek and Nature.
"Amer Fort" was on the way back so we Stoped there to take few pics.

We ended our Photowalk  at “Samrat” by enjoying some Junk Food Breakfast.

By Manav Singhi


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  2. how can we reach nahargarh biological park...can u plz tell the route!!!

    1. Nahargarh biological park is located on the Jaipur-Delhi highway Around 23km from Jaipur. and you can check the Location Link at the end of post it will open the Google map and exact Location.

  3. is there some entry ticket or some permission is required to visit???

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  5. Very good article and good pics, though I am not a photographer nor a connoisseur but may be a bit more refinement of frame in your pics would for sure make you enter the league e of extraordinary camera person, whose pics speak more than words (Raghu ji kindaa person), keep the good work ON. in between, can one visit “Nahargarh Biological Park” openly or some permit etc. is required.


  6. Nice work sir...truely appreciable.... I want to know more about bheteshvar mahadev temple... I ll be very happy if u provide me this info... Thanq:)

  7. Please give me information for the tiket

  8. Please give me information for the tiket

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