Holi Festival Jaipur

Happy Holi. . . So after the disappointing Elephant Festival yesterday, Today’s day was Much better. Today’s day was fun filled with lot of activities for everyone. You could see everyone playing Holi (Playing with Colors) everywhere you go in the city, all the national and International tourists has enjoyed the day with Colors, yes taking bath afterwards was the pain. . :p
Shops to Sell Colors for Holi all around the City.
Baisically There are 2 type of Colors used in Holi one is “Gulal” it is used in a dry form, It is Just a Powder of Dry Flowers. Just a bath is enough to remove all the Gulal after your fun day, Sometimes it leaves the Sent of some flower on your body for a day. The another one is called “Rang” it comes in the dry form but you have to use water to use it. Rang is also made up of Flowers and natural Colors but it is meant to last few days so playing with Rang and cleaning up later is lot of pain.
Making Lakh ke Gulal Gote.
Lakh ke Gulal Gote is the Royal way of Playing Holi. These balls of Lac is filled with Gulal and Rang both but this is a bit expensive way of Playing Holi. So instead of these balls people straight away use Gulal Powder to play dry Holi and Water Balloons or water to play wet holi with Rang.
Day Before Holi is the Day of Holika Dahan. You can see these kind of collections of Dry cow dung, dry sticks and dry grass with wood at most of the Crossings of the City.
Later in the Evening they Burn Holika after some worship. Holi is a Symbol of Victory of Good over Evil and so are all the other festivals in India. Till now I had not seen a single Festival where victory of Evil is Celebrated. . . :p
By Manav Singhi

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