27 March 2013

Holi Festival Jaipur

Happy Holi. . . So after the disappointing Elephant Festival yesterday, Today’s day was Much better. Today’s day was fun filled with lot of activities for everyone. You could see everyone playing Holi (Playing with Colors) everywhere you go in the city, all the national and International tourists has enjoyed the day with Colors, yes taking bath afterwards was the pain. . :p

Elephant Festival Jaipur

The Famous Elephant Festival 2013 was nothing less than a Disaster I would say disaster is also a small word. Elephant Festival Jaipur was the World Famous and one of the most fun filled festival of Jaipur. Till now every year it used to happen with lot of activities and fun. Indian and Foreign both Tourists used to enjoy it like anything. This year also thousands of Tourists from all around the world were in Jaipur to witness and Enjoy Elephant Festival but little did they knew.

23 March 2013

"Glimpses of Ladakh" Photo Exhibition.

Glimpses of Ladakh, The Photo Exhibition by Shri. Y.P. Singh is at Sukriti Art Gallery, Jawahar Kala Kendar from 22 to 24 march 2013.

12 March 2013

EMU Farm Jaipur

So My Sunday started at 5:30 AM when I woke up got ready and Headed towards Old Airport which was the meeting place for all of us.

Saras Parlour Jaipur

Ok Summers are Coming and So does we need more Cool Cool Drinks To fight Heat and Dehydration so We have Saras Booths in Jaipur to Give us Cool Milk Products. You can Find Saras Booths at all around the city and they are very good option for Cool and hygienic Milk Products. You Can Get Fresh Sweet, Salted and Plain ButterMilk, Curd, ShriKhand and Milk.

08 March 2013

Play "Kanchan Rang"

After a longtime Saw a Comedy Play "Kanchan Rang" at Ravindra Manch Jaipur. It was a Nice Experience, "Kanchan Rang" was presented by Aakanksha Theater Arts, Lucknow. It was a part of 4 days Comedy Play Festival Organised by Cultural Society of Rajasthan. There are 2 more Plays left to be Performed are "Valentine Day" by Veenapani Kala Mandir, Jaipur on 9March & "Bahurupiya" by P.M.T., Jaipur on 11March. Venue for both the Play is Ravindar Manch, Jaipur. Timing is 7pm onwards and Entry is free.

05 March 2013

Hot Hot Freshly Poped PopCorns.

Poping Popcorns 
In Jaipur at most of the Places You can get freshly Popped Pop Corns from Hawkers on Street. These Salted Pop-Corns are Butter less and Freshly Prepared In Front of You which are Very Good for Munching.

04 March 2013

Sharma Dhaba Jaipur

Sharma Dhaba Eating Place On the Main Highway.

Sharma Dhaba is a roadside dhaba that Located on Jaipur – Sikar highway to the north of Jaipur, it was started as a small highway tea shop for truckers. Then, a few snacks were introduced to go with the tea and before they knew it, they Became a “Road side Eating Place at the cost of Five star Rates !”. 

Anti Congress Rally Jaipur

Got Stuck in a “Anti Congress Rally” today at Ahinsa Circle there were More than 100,000 People there. After that Stuck in the traffic at M.I. Road. 
I will Say who ever is planning to come towards Statue Circle or M.I. Road today Should think Twice or Come after 6 in Evening.

Details about Rally are awaited.

By Manav Singhi

03 March 2013

15th Vintage and Classic Car Rally 2013

17 Years back in 1996 “Rajputana Automotive Sports Car club” Started this Event with 17 Cars and at Today’s Event Which was “15th Vintage and Classic Car Rally, Jaipur” they had more than 114 Cars.

02 March 2013

LassiWala (ButterMilk)

Jaipur LassiWala is world famous for its Lassi. Everyone who comes to Jaipur Try this at-least Once. They Serve Cool Lassi (ButterMilk or Curd Shake) in Clay Cups, Its YummY Cool Cool Sweet & Refreshing Drink With lots of Energy (Don't go for its calorie Count) These Clay Cups are used once only.

Beware that you go to the Original LassiWala Shop #312, M.I. Road, in Front of Surya Mahal. . .

By Manav Singhi