16 February 2013

2nd Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Show

2nd Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Show 16th and 17th February 2013. By Convoy Control Club. Jaipur, Rajasthan.
The 2nd edition of the Vintage & Motorcycle show has started at Khasa Kothi Hotel. The show has more than 100 vintage and classic motorcycles between 1933 and 1980, most of which have been built during the first and second world war. According to the organizers, some of the bikes are the rarest of rare and unique.

10 February 2013

Kesariya Balam Aawoni. . .

I took this Pic at Nevta Dam, Jaipur today and as I was Visualizing my Frame I was humming this song. So here it is... and yes Kesariya Balam is one of the most popular Rajasthani folk song.

08 February 2013


Bhangarh is a place between Jaipur and Delhi or You can say between Jaipur and Agra in Rajasthan state of India known for its ruins and Paranormal stories. Bhangarh is also a pre-historic site.

03 February 2013

Kota Kachori

Tasty “Kota Kachori” with Yummy Mint Sauce. . . Whenever you go this way just give it a Try you will Love it. . . :)

Crispi Round Brown Puri stuffed with filling of lentil, Hing (Asafoetida) and Spices is what “Kota Kachori” is all about. Kachori is originated from Rajasthan only. It is a very addictive snack or appetizer. There are many different kind of fillings to different kind of Kachoris, but right now we are enjoying Kota Kachori.

02 February 2013

Sugarcane (Ganne) ka Juice "Hygienic"

I Think all We Indians Know What is “Sugarcane (Ganne) ka  Juice” and why most of us stopped Drinking it anymore. But Now Its a Good News For all of you “Ganna Junction” is Sugarcane Juice Shop which gives you Hygienic Sugarcane Juice in 6 flavours.

01 February 2013

Gaitore ki Chatri (Maharani)

Gaitore ki Chatri (Maharani)
As with the Maharajas, the queens of Jaipur were cremated and then monumental cenotaphs erected in their honour. There is an interesting story of one Maharani who was very close to her elephant. When she passed away, her elephant stood beside her cenotaph for three days, before passing away in grief (and starvation). Today this elephant has its own cenotaph in the gardens.