Yummy . . . Tikki Chola. .

Tikki Chola
Tikki Chola is one of the Tasty and Famous Street food in North India. 
“Tikki” (Patties) Fried in Oil or Butter
It is made up of 
Mashed Potatoes “Tikki” (Patties) Fried in Oil or Butter with “Chana” (chickpeas) Prepared in the Gravy of Ginger, Chilly and Spices.
Sharma Chat Corner

After lot of Research I can say in Jaipur You can get Best “Tikki Chola” at “Sharma Chat Corner”, Moti Singh Bhomiyon Ka Rasta, Johari bazaar, Jaipur. This shop is just 20meters inside the street and this street is approximately in front of L.M.B. Hotel Johri Bazar.

Yes this is Bit Spicy.
Moti Singh Bhomiyon Ka Rasta

By Manav Singhi

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