Neel Kanth Mahadev

NilaKanth Mahadev Shiva Temple, Is situated at village Parnagar, about 100km from Jaipur on Jaipur - Rajgarh Road, you can reach here from Dosa also.
Ancient Rajyapur and medieval Rajorgarh is at present in ruins, execpt one temple dedicated to Shiva-The Neelkanth. Locally the place is also known as Tribhuvan.
Originally the temple of Neelkanth was built in about the early part of the 10th century.

View of Paranagar Temple Complex

About 100mts. away from the temple of Nilakanth, stands a colossal image of Jain pontiff Shantinath. The Idol is Popularly known as Naugaja - meaning of 'Nine yards' because of its hight.

The Neelkanth Temple in Alwar is surrounded by lush green trees that add to its beauty. The temple is quite similar to an ancient museum. The temple is in a dilapidated state. Apart from its religious importance it is noted for its excellent stone carving. The exquisite fine work on the shikhara or the spire is still undamaged. The wonderful carvings of figures on the temple are worth seeing. Some of the pillars of the temple are severely damaged. A number of carved stone slabs lie all around the temple. But this is a very interesting Place to Visit, In Rainy Season it gets more Beautiful Greenery all-around the way. . .  Highly Recommended.


  1. awesome post detailed and with mesmerizing pictures :)

  2. Wonderful Captures and a very nice info. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. wow!!! never been there even though i ve been to jaipur 3 visit Rajyapur here i come..:)

    1. Try to be there in Monsoon time, you are going to enjoy it a lot. . . :)

  4. Awesome place.Beautiful picture.I will try to visit this historical place. Thanks to share.


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