Makar Sankranti or Kite Festival 14Jan.

Makar Sankranti or Kite Festival is one of the most auspicious occasions for the Hindus, and is celebrated in almost all parts of India. But It happens best in Jaipur. . . :) Majorly all the Indian festivals are somehow connected to Harvest season and so does Makar Sankranti. Makar Sankranti is perhaps the only Indian festival whose date always falls on the same day every year on, January 14, with some exception, when the festival is celebrated on January 13 or January 15.
Important Planetary Actions on this day is that “Sun God” Enters in the “Makar Rashi” (Zodiac Capricorn). We will talk about it later in the blog.
Kite Market, Haldiyon ka Rasta.
So my Makar Sankranti started on 13thJan at 09:P.M. When we all friends met together and decided to go for shopping of Kites and Manjha (Thread to Fly Kites). There are Many shops all around Jaipur Open till late in Night but the best place to do this Shopping is in the City, Haldiyon ka Rasta, Johri Bazar. And we went there only for our Shopping. Choosing the right kind of Kites and Thread is all together Different kind of Enjoyment.
After The Shopping, It was the time of some Midnight Street Food Samosas. . .  :)
Samose Wala
It was so Crowded that you have to Carry your Kites this way To save them From Any Damage.
So after all this I reached Home at 1at Night and Straight away gone for bed. . . But Little you Know.. . . after 2 Hours my Wife Woke me and asked me to get ready.

As I Told you before on this day “Sun God” Enters in the “Makar Rashi” (Zodiac Capricorn). So this makes this day one of the most auspicious day for hindus. And as per the beliefs If any kind of Good Deeds are done on this Day, Early In the Morning, they Multiply and wash your all Sins and you will straight away get the Ticket To Heaven.
Gau Shala
So we Headed for “Gau Shala” (Place where Hundreds of Cow Live) it was a 16km Drive and there we were Suppose to feed Hundreds of Gud (Jaggery) Cakes to Cows with our Hands. . . :) In total we were 7 People of Family to do this job, and after an Hour job was well done.. . . and once again I got the Ticket to Heaven. After that we all went to Temple and came back to home. . . then all the married women give Dan (Charity) to other 14 unprivileged women on this day, and rest all of us shoot Straight towards terrace.
Gud - Jaggery Cake
Feeding From Hand
Cow Home

This day is Total Holiday and you will find everyone on their terrace flying kites, Playing loud Music, Gossiping, Enjoying, Even your Lunch and everything is served on Terrace only, Sweets of the Occasion are Till ke Laddu (Sesame Seeds) and Pheeni.

Till ke Laddu (Sesame Seeds)

View Of Terrace

And at Last in The Evening When You are Totally Exhausted You just Drop Dead on your bed.

By Manav Singhi

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